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Holmes Platinum Tax Services, LLC


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Appointments can be scheduled online based on availability.

Deferred Payment - All cash and credit card payments must be made at the time of service. If payment cannot be made by check or cash at the time of service, the client must use a refund settlement product to arrange payment. (bank fees do apply for refund settlement product).

Fee Collection - All unpaid fees will be referred to a collection agency and could be reflected on client's credit report. All fees must be paid even when refund is diverted by the IRS due to and not limited to the repayment of child support, student loans, judgments and back tax delinquencies. All discounts and fees are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Holmes Platinum Tax Services, LLC.

Personal Tax Rule - Personal taxes are any taxes that are prepared on a 1040 form but do not include a schedule C. If it contains a Schedule C, it is considered a small business return and is subject to the higher rate.  



Mileage Policy - In home training; Traveling expenses are incurred at 50 cents per mile of preparer travel when scheduled at the clients residence. This fee is due at the time of tax preparation. Failure to fulfill this payment will constitute a deferred payment and will make the return subject to the deferred payment policy.

WiFi - A WiFi connection is required to perform all tax related work. Client must schedule appointment at Holmes Platinum Tax Service LLC office if no WiFi is available at client location. Free WiFi locations could be used as an option subject to discretion of Holmes Platinum Tax Service LLC.